Buyer’s Guide to Choosing Wooden Bathroom Cabinets

A popular furniture trend at the moment is to inject classic style into the bathroom through adding wooden bathroom furniture to the room. Boasting elegant designs, wooden furniture brings warmth and traditional style and instantly refreshes any tired bathroom setting. One particular piece of furniture that is an easy way of pulling off this interior design trend is a bathroom cabinet. Bathroom cabinets are known for their beautiful designs in addition to their ample storage space, making them a practical and stylish feature to any bathroom setup. However, before you purchase wooden bathroom cabinets you want to make sure that you take a few considerations into account.

What wood do you choose?

Wooden bathroom cabinets boast strong craftsmanship and cabinets are available in a variety of different finishes. From walnut to oak to wenge, there are countless of wooden finishes to choose from. As different types of wood vary in their hue it is important to select a wooden cabinet in a complementing shade to your existing bathroom setup. If your bathroom decor favours pastel or pale shades then the light hue of a natural oak bathroom cabinet would complement this setting perfectly whereas bathrooms with a darker decor of bold or bright colours would be better suited to featuring the dark tones of a wenge finished bathroom cabinet.

How much storage do you require?

Once you have decided which particular wooden cabinet suits your bathroom setting best, it is then a good idea to consider your storage requirements. Bathroom cabinets effortlessly tidy away bathroom clutter but if you choose a cabinet which doesn’t have adequate storage space then this will result in not having enough room to store those daily essentials.

What size unit should you choose? bathroom cabinet manufacturer

The next thing to think about is the size of unit. When deciding on what size cabinet you require, you should first assess the overall size and shape of your bathroom. It is important to get a good balance between the cabinet’s size and the size and shape of the bathroom, as you want the unit to fit comfortably within the space without the room becoming cramped should you choose an oversized or bulky unit.

Can it be easily cleaned?

Finally, one consideration that will help maintain your cabinet in the long run is whether it can be easily cleaned. Daily wear and tear can subject bathroom cabinets to scratches, stains or water damage so it is important that any cabinet you choose can have a daily easy clean so that the brand new look is maintained. To check this, take a look and see if any specific cleansers can be purchased to cater to the wooden finish of the cabinet that you have chosen.

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