A Complete Guide To Combo Roof Systems


The combination roof system is a large interconnected structure that needs to be protected. Choosing the right protection will minimize the chances of leaks and costly replacement of the protective layer. The best option is to protect the whole system by installing a special protective layer that can withstand extreme weather conditions. However, a good protection system is costly. If you are looking for combo roof system, here is useful guide for you.


When considering the waterproofing of your combo roof system in UAE, make sure that you choose a reputable company. A qualified specialist with at least ten years of experience is essential. It is also essential that the company is certified to BS EN ISO 9001-2008 or a comparable quality management system approved by the engineer. A reputable company will use polymer top coats that are UV and wear-resistant, such as Polyflex (RBE). If the roof is not waterproofed, the second application of polymer (Plygex) is recommended, a single-component liquid elastomer designed for use over Polyfoam. Polytex is also chemically resistant and is ideal for use over polyfoam. It also resists petrol, alcohol, and chloride ions.

Thermal insulation:

The combo roof system combines waterproofing, thermal insulation, and finishing of the roof in one seamless system. This is the fastest way to waterproof and insulate the entire roof area and offers a 25-year manufacturer’s guarantee against leaks. It is also a very flexible coating, which resists harsh chemicals and is easy to clean.


Using the combo roof system is a smart way to insulate your roof while waterproofing it. This system features a polyurethane foam layer that is fully bonded to the roof slab, making it waterproof and impervious to water. Its installation takes less than half the time of conventional roofing and significantly reduces the relative dead load of your roof. It also gives your roof a more aesthetic look.

Manufacturer’s guarantee:

While most manufacturers will provide a limited warranty on the combo roof system, the warranty is only valid on materials the manufacturer provides, including the installation labor. The warranty is not valid on any component not supplied by the manufacturer, such as an underlayment or flashing. However, some warranties will cover the failure of these components. For this reason, you should ensure the combo roof system you buy is installed by a certified roofing contractor.