What To Know Before Considering Hair Loss Stem Cell Treatments

What To Know Before Considering Hair Loss Stem Cell Treatments


If you have been experiencing hair loss, you may have heard about hair loss stem cell treatments. These innovative procedures can solve your problem, but there are a few things to remember before you try them.

Look at how these treatments work

First, let’s look at how these treatments work. A doctor or surgeon will take a skin sample from your scalp and implant it with the cells. These stem cells are believed to promote the growth of new hair and repair damaged hair follicles.

The resulting results are promising. Researchers have found that patients can gain up to 53% more hair in six months. However, the long-term effects of these therapies are still being investigated.

Know about platelet-rich plasma therapy

Another option for hair restoration is platelet-rich plasma therapy or PRP. These injections are made from your blood and contain growth factors that have been thought to stimulate the regenerative process. The procedure is minimally invasive and usually takes only a few hours. In addition, it has minimal risk of major side effects.

Check to see if your provider is certified by the FDA

Finally, check to see if your provider is certified by the FDA. This is a good idea because only those practices with a FDA certificate can be considered safe. Also, be sure to ask your provider about any clinical trials they have done to show their stem cell therapy works.

There are three main sources of stem cells in the human body, and fat is considered the richest. They are thought to be highly adaptive precursor cells that can differentiate into different cell types. This is why they are so beneficial for surgical procedures, but they are also capable of helping the body heal itself.

Find a clinic that has the right equipment and qualifications

You must find a clinic with the right equipment and qualifications to get the most out of PRP and stem cell therapy. For instance, a practice with a specific centrifuge machine for processing PRP will have the best results.

Consider your age

Some treatments require multiple sessions to show the best results. The number of sessions depends on the severity of your hair loss and how many dormant hair follicles you have. It would help if you also considered your age. Older people are less likely to benefit from this type of treatment.