Why Every Expat Needs An Abu Dhabi Will To Protecting Their Assets

Why Every Expat Needs An Abu Dhabi Will To Protecting Their Assets


For expatriates living and working in Abu Dhabi, having a will is advisable and also essential for protecting assets and ensuring the orderly distribution of wealth upon death. The legal system in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), including Abu Dhabi, differs from many Western jurisdictions, making it crucial for expatriates to understand the importance of having an Abu Dhabi wills.

Adherence to Sharia law:

In the absence of a will, the distribution of assets in Abu Dhabi is governed by Sharia law principles. These principles dictate that a significant portion of an individual’s estate, particularly real estate and financial assets, may be distributed according to Islamic inheritance rules, which may not align with an expatriate’s wishes or familial arrangements. Having an Abu Dhabi will allow expatriates to specify how they want their assets to be distributed, ensuring their intentions are legally recognized and followed.

Protection of minor children:

For expatriates with minor children residing in Abu Dhabi, a will is essential for appointing legal guardians to care for their children in the event of their death. Without a will, the courts may appoint guardians based on Sharia law principles or local regulations, which may not align with the expatriate’s preferences or family circumstances. By specifying guardianship arrangements in an Abu Dhabi will, expatriate can ensure the well-being and care of their children are prioritized according to their wishes.

Preservation of family wealth:

A properly drafted Abu Dhabi will enable expatriates to protect and preserve their family wealth by specifying beneficiaries, assigning assets, and minimizing disputes among heirs. By outlining clear instructions for asset distribution, including bank accounts, real estate, investments, and personal belongings, expatriates can prevent conflicts and ensure their assets are transferred smoothly and efficiently to their chosen beneficiaries.

Avoidance of lengthy and complex probate process:

In the absence of a will, the distribution of assets may be subject to a lengthy and complex probate process, which can cause delays, uncertainty, and additional costs for beneficiaries. Having an Abu Dhabi will expedites the probate process by providing clear instructions for asset distribution, reducing administrative burden and legal complexities for heirs.

Compliance with UAE regulations:

Abu Dhabi wills must comply with local laws and regulations governing inheritance, probate, and estate planning in the UAE. Working with experienced legal professionals who specialize in Abu Dhabi wills ensures that the will is drafted in accordance with UAE legal requirements, minimizing the risk of invalidation or disputes.