How to Clean Your Makeup Brush

Knowing how to clean makeup brushes correctly can make your makeup go on smoother and your brushes last longer. Harmful bacteria, dead skin cells and oily residues can build up in a brushes bristles. This is not just bad for your makeup brush, it is bad for your skin as well. Using dirty brushes can lead to breakouts or even skin infections.

To thoroughly cleanse makeup brushes, use lukewarm running water. Run the brush under the water, then apply a mild shampoo, baby shampoos are a good option. Gently rub the bristles until the shampoo lathers. This is an important step in how to clean makeup brushes, it ensures that all the makeup, dirt, oil and bacteria are removed. Rinse makeup brushes in cool or lukewarm water until the water runs clear. It is sometimes necessary to shampoo and rinse several times before all the trapped makeup comes out. For brushes made from synthetic materials, reshape the bristles. Natural brushes may need a bit of hair conditioner massaged into them then rinsed out with cold water. Once that is done, reshape the bristles. makeup brush kit

Let makeup brushes air dry. The easiest way to do this is simply let them sit on a counter overnight. Make sure the bristles hang over the edge of the counter so that they dry without picking up any new dust or bacteria.

If you do not wish to use shampoo, you can buy special makeup brush cleansers at beauty supply stores or use a mild hand soap.

There is not always time to thoroughly wash brushes. If you are short on time, tap the excess makeup from your brush then wipe it down with a baby wipe. Spraying brushes with a quick drying cleanser made especially for makeup brushes is also an option. Just spray, then wipe excess makeup and bacteria away with a tissue or napkin.

How to clean makeup brushes is not the only thing that is important: how often you clean them makes a difference as well. Cleanse brushes with baby wipes or a quick-drying cleanser after each use, and do a thorough cleaning at least once per month.

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