How to Match Clothing Well

Do you have the experience that you never wear the clothes after you buy them? I have this experience. I always buy clothes for the impulse. If they look beautiful then I will buy them without thinking. It leads that there are many clothes I never wear them. I think many girls have this experience. Of course it is waste, so matching clothing well is important for us. How to match them well? I read some articles and I want to share with you.

There are four main basic skills.

Firstly, you should set up your style gradually and consider the fashion objectively. No matter notables or designers, they all leave deep impressions on us. Why will they have so strong effects? The only reason is that they create the unique styles which belong to them. We can not require everyone has aesthetic theory, but everyone should have his or her aesthetic taste. If you want to do it, then you can not be controlled by the kaleidoscopic fashion. You should add the popular fashion elements properly to your aesthetic feature. Only this, can you set up your individual style and show your unique temperament and individual character. dark academia aesthetic outfits

Secondly, clothing should grow up with your age and statue. A professor pointed out that appearance was important when you were in human-human interaction. He said that the content of conservation courted for only 7% while your expression and communication skill courted for 38%. Whether what you look like match your age and statue was the most important. In other word, you should throw away the student look if you begin to work. With the change of your age and your position, clothing should match these changes. Just remember, clothing is your first card.

Thirdly, general clothing is your necessities. Fashion will never end and some clothes will not out of date, such as knee length skirt, western-style cloth, and white shirt and so on. These clothes can last for a long time that they are worthy. You just need to take some popular clothing to match them properly, that is enough.

Fourthly, you should buy the clothes which can match your build, color of skin and temperament. Sometimes clothes dressing on the models are so beautiful. However, it seems that they are not suitable for us to dress although they are the same clothes. Actually, those clothes in the shops are designed by professionals. They just want to build special atmosphere. Under this situation, lights and shopping guides will affect your choice. Therefore, you should understand your situation before buying.

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