Realme GT – An Advanced Mobile Phone


When we talk about the Realme GT5, we can safely say that it’s a phone of real class. The Realme GT5 is a simple but efficient mobile phone which fulfils every promise which the brand has made till now. The Realme GT5 is equipped with a stylish 5.5 inch capacitive touch screen, a stunning backside camera, a powerful Media player, an eight megapixel camera with laser auto focus, a nice sounding digital voice quality, a large LCD display with a resolution of 4015 pixels, a nice large keyboard, a fantastic futuristic white face, fantastic connectivity options and so on. There are plenty of things which the Realme brand has promised to deliver to its users, but the thing that makes it more interesting is the simple and basic pricing structure. realme gt

The Realme GT5 costs quite reasonably, and it’s cheaper than many other premier smartphones like the Xiaomi Mi 11X Pro or the iQOO 7 Legend. It also comes across as a very attractive choice in the mid-budget range. It is quite different from the high-end smartphones, which it replaces – the Mi series by HTC, for example, which has been one of the most successful smartphone models of this generation, selling in millions. What the RealmeGT does instead, is it tries to provide a touch screen replacement along with some modern features which we all know are extremely popular with smartphone users.

The real beauty of the Realme GT5 is its combination of a full QWERTY keyboard, a nice high definition screen (albeit one which isn’t as sharp as that of the Mi series, but then again who really needs high definition? ), an impressive collection of features, including a neat little feature called “ello action”, which let you use your finger for virtual buttons, rather than the hard plastic keyboards of many modern smartphones. Also inside, you’ll find a very powerful multimedia system, including an ultra-low power-saving mode, an Android interface which is smooth and fluid, and an innovative snapping feature. This snapping system is undoubtedly one of the best in a smartphone, and is definitely a huge step up from most other smartphone cameras. It will automatically save images taken with the Realme, which is a unique and desirable feature for any model.

Then, of course, you have the powerful, multi-touch capacitive display – the real GTC. This display offers a great level of interactivity, thanks to the way that it integrates with the Realme’s larger, touch sensitive screen. In fact, the Realme GT5 can work just as well as a tablet PC, thanks to the superior power and speed of its dual-core processor. The processor is able to run two virtual apps at once (one in the foreground and one in the background, when you’re using the multi-tasking functionality of the phone), and thanks to the integrated Adreno processor, the phone can support up to three displays at the same time. You can easily use the multi-tasking functionality to browse the web, send email, play games, or anything else you’d like to do on your phone – all from the comfort of your TV.

With all of these features, it seems like the Realme GT5 was designed specifically to be a premier high-end smartphone. However, with all of the rave reviews that you can read about this handset, it’s actually surprisingly affordable. At just under $250, it’s a whole lot cheaper than many of the other high-end handsets available on the market today. And, of course, you get tons of features for just that price, such as a massive display that easily fills up your whole screen, amazing camera functionality, high-end processing power, the ultimate multi-tasking abilities, and so much more.

You can easily find the Realme GT5 in many places online. Right now, it’s available from a number of retailers including Amazon for around $250, but this will likely change once the product becomes available in the stores. If you want to get your hands on one of these amazing phones quickly, you should definitely shop online for them. It’s nearly guaranteed that you’ll find the Realme here.

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