Slim Fit Suit Styling Tips

Tailoring for men is big news in the fashion world right now and lots of men across the globe are shunning baggy jeans and tee shirts in favour of bespoke suits, tailored trousers and sharp shirts. Slim fit, skinny fit suits are a wonderfully modern take on the trend and are cut narrower than more traditional business suits. Slim suits are just perfect for that smart, flattering fit, so you will look both sharp and stylish.

• Slim fit suits feature a narrow waist, slim and tapered legs with a lower rise and a flat front, as well as a narrow shoulder measurement. Look for suit jackets with neat, tidy shoulders, with seams that are aligned with the widest point of your shoulders. When the jacket is done up, it shouldn’t be too tight or too loose and you should easily be able to slip a hand between the jacket and your chest.

• As for the trousers, they should sit comfortably on your hips and hang loosely – they shouldn’t look like skinny jeans. That would be a real fashion faux pas!

• If you are wearing a shirt with your suit, at least 1-2cm of shirt should be visible underneath your suit jacket and when your arms are hanging down by your sides, the sleeves should sit close to your wrist. Make sure that the jacket does not swamp you, as you will risk looking like you’ve borrowed your dad’s suit!

• Visit a high quality tailor for a bespoke suit. You will get a better fit, a better cut and a suit that will last you a lifetime. Choose a suit in a classic charcoal grey or black and you’ll be able to wear it again and again. custom tuxedo NJ

• Wear the right base pieces with your suit. Slim fit suits should never look bulky, so be sure to choose a slim fit shirt that does not bunch underneath your arms or around your shoulders. Wide ties can also look a little bit strange with a suit that’s so slim and tailored, so be sure to choose a skinny tie.

• For a modern look, steer away from plain white shirts – choose bright coloured shirts or patterned shirts instead. Checked shirts look particularly cool with a slim fit suit.

• For a truly dapper take on this trend, add a slim fit waistcoat or a cool and quirky top hat – if you dare.

Suits are not just meant to be worn for a big event. The next time you want to feel as cool, suave and sophisticated as iconic fashion celebrities like David Beckham or Jake Gyllenhaal, just slip on a slim fit suit, even if it is just for a visit to the shops!

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