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The Samsung A52s is a mid-budget Android-based smartphone manufactured and released by Samsung Electronics in partnership with HTC. The phone is slated to be launched on 17 March 2021 at Samsung’s own virtual Awesome Unpacked conference. It is expected to compete with the already existing LG Dizzy and HTC Explorer smartphones. The A52 has similarities to the latter, which was a pioneer in smartphone applications and services. However, it offers some features that the latter did not have. samsung a52 5g

The A 52s features a six inch Super AMOLED screen with capacitive keys and an eight mega-pin modem. The phone also features a two mega-core processor with the dual core Adreno sending power to the rear camera and the connectivity features like Bluetooth, USB, Dual SIM, HDMI out and in. As for the camera, the rear camera is only capable of resolution up to thirteen megapixels though a six mega-photo mode is available. This is lower than the rear camera of the LG Inspire 4G, which has a six mega-pixel resolution.

Like the previous model of the Samsung A52s, the new version also comes with a virtual keyboard. The on-screen keyboard of this smartphone has been pre-loaded with your default dictionary. Apart from that, there are other features such as dialing a telephone number, connectivity features like USB, Bluetooth, MMS, and GPS, and the like. On the contrary, the old model of the Samsung A52s allowed you to access your email, browse the web, play games, and take pictures but not much else.

If you were looking for a phone with everything under one roof, the Samsung A52s is the phone that you are looking for. It comes with a heart rate monitor, a WXFi internet browser, a calendar, and many other features including Microsoft office support. Furthermore, it has fourGB of memory which will help you expand your storage needs. The prices of these two models are different, and hence it is up to you to decide between the two.

The Samsung A52s has a rear camera, which is slightly below the normal camera setup of the handset. The phone has a unique feature of a simultaneous video recording and a still photo capturing feature. This unique quality of the A 52s makes it more popular among youngsters. In addition, it has an image processing engine that is said to be capable of restoring the lost data and videos. The image processing engine also offers the users the ability to edit the captured images.

On the other hand, the Samsung galaxy a52s has got a unique distinction in the form of a vibrating alert. This vibrating alert is used to notify you the battery is running low. It is also worth mentioning that the A 52s has got a built in alarm and calculator which make this gadget even more useful.

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