Tips for the New Year to Get Organised, Lose Weight and Be Happy!

Its that time of year (as I sit here writing this on New Year’s Eve) when everyone is supposed to be relaxing in a post holiday bliss and contemplating what constructive changes you can make to your life in the next year when in reality you’re more likely contemplating the size of the credit card bill that will arrive in January, which of your presents you can return to the shop and you get bombarded with bloggers listing their ‘Top 10 widgets of 2010’ whilst subtly trying to sell you stuff.

So following in that vein- and also because I know a lot of random **** and genuinely want people to be as healthy, happy and fulfilled as I am, here are a few of my own thoughts and tips selected at random for how to make your next year better than your last.

Training and exercise

I’m not going to patronise you by reminding you that if you want a fit and healthy body, you need to be doing this. (Oops, just did). Though in the grand scheme of things, remember- you can’t out exercise an unhealthy diet. That pint of beer or bar of chocolate you just had? That’s probably a 30 minute fast jog on the treadmill to burn the calories off. Someone once said that nothing tastes as good as being in shape feels and while neither me nor anyone who’s had a medium rare Argentinian steak washed down with a bottle of malbec followed by a cheesecake as big as a dinner plate will agree, I hope you get the point.

Talking of running, they say that if you do something repeatedly for 30 days, after that it becomes an ingrained habit. Well, the folks over at Nike+ reckon that once you upload the data for just 5 runs onto their system it becomes a habit. For me, the whole Nike+ thing turns running from something pretty boring to something pretty cool so if you fancy getting your trainers on, check it out. (if you have an iPhone you don’t even need to buy the transmitter) christmas and new year 2022 wishes

If you go to a gym, I recommend you don’t employ a personal trainer, apart from someone like me, obviously). This might seem a pretty strange thing for me to say, so I’ll elaborate. In my experience, most personal trainers produce pretty average results. This is due to (a) inexperience and lack of knowledge but most importantly, (b) due to their ‘frame’. What this means is that- assuming they are gym employees, or self employed, they don’t really care about your results, they just want to get you to the gym, sell training sessions and for you to keep coming back. You will probably get some results, but are short changing yourself long term. 80% of women mainly need to lose body fat, and don’t like being told that cardio and sessions on the power plate are a completely retarded way to go about it. Same for the 50% of men who need to do this, too. And for the other 50% of men that also need to put on some muscle mass- doing dumbbell curls on a bosu ball or press ups and lunges all day doesn’t do squat long term.

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